Arcturian Healing Method Level 10: The Arcturian Mysteries of Time

September 30-October 6 from 7 AM PT/10 AM ET to 2 PM PT/5 PM ET all days

In this next level of the Arcturian Healing Method, we will be delving deeply into the Mysteries of Time. We will be working directly with the Divine, our Higher Self, our Holy Guardian Angel, our Spiritual Guides, the Arcturians, the Archai (Spirits of Time), and the Spirits of the Water Element to download a set of techniques and healing frequencies centered around the fluid nature of time and the water element.

From the perspective of our Divine self, manifest creation is an illusion much like a movie or a dream. However, within the space/time matrix of the physical world, this dream or movie feels and appears quite solid and real. By undergoing this training, we will be embarking on a process called the Arcturian Time Initiation which will shake this solid, real, and lasting nature of the space/time matrix by making our experience of time more fluid and dynamic.

The 7 day training involves fourteen 50 minute transmissions meant to encode into our seven subtle bodies and consciousness a number of new and advanced time techniques and frequencies. In addition, there will be 7 Arcturian Water Element Healing Frequencies that will assist on working on the water element on all seven subtle body levels (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine) and also a particular healing process to transfer healing and balancing information into the water of our cells for self-healing and healing of others on the physical level.

The following healing frequencies and new light technologies will be downloaded into our system in this training:

1) Arcturian Time Tower-This is a subtle dimension astral structure created by the Arcturians to allow those who have gone through the Arcturian Time Initiation to view time as a living dynamic energetic whole whose information is complete along all timescapes and timelines. By viewing all of time in this holistic manner, you are then able to navigate the time dimension in new and profound ways.

2) Arcturian Time Condenser Frequency-This healing frequency allows the condensing of time, the learning lessons, and experiences that occur within a linear passage of time. In essence, this frequency allows more experiences and recorded learning events to occur within a given amount of linear time.

3) Arcturian Time Expansion Frequency-This healing frequency is the yin or balancing frequency to the Arcturian Time Condenser Frequency. The Arcturian Time Expansion Frequency allows an opening up of linear time so that less learning experiences occur within a given amount of linear time. This allows for a slowing down of the seven subtle body systems and consciousness so that healing and recovery can take place.

4) Arcturian Time Collapsing Frequency-This healing frequency alleviates the need to experience large expanses of time by facilitating the learning of soul lessons more quickly and efficiently. Think of soul lessons as insights that must be repeated in linear time until fully learned. This linear time can be days, months, years, or lifetimes. If a lesson is learned more efficiently, the need for more experiences in linear time is not necessary and time collapses.

5) Arcturian Timelessness Frequency-This healing frequency takes a person's consciousness and seven subtle bodies outside of time. In this timeless state, changes to the seven subtle bodies can occur more quickly and deeply. There is also the possibility for a reset of a particular subtle body pattern. When the seven subtle bodies are returned to interact with the physical space/time dimensions these new patterns can manifest as increased health, vitality, and prosperity. Also, this frequency can facilitate the taking of spiritual initiations outside of the space/time matrix.

6) Arcturian and Archai Creating Cycles of Time Frequency-This healing and consciousness frequency allows a cycle or pattern of healing to occur on a cyclic basis. In essence this frequency and consciousness is delving into the mysteries of creating time with the assistance of the Archai, the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who create time. We will be utilizing this tool to create short cycles of time that can imprint healing information into our own or another person's information field on a regular or cyclic basis. Larger expanses of time across years to lifetimes can then also be created with this frequency and the assistance of the Archai and Arcturians.

7) Arcturian Water Frequencies-These healing frequencies work with the Water Element and the Spirits of Water for healing on all seven subtle body levels. There is a particular Arcturian Water Frequency to work on the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine levels. Also, there is a particular healing process to clear and imprint the water in cells with healing information that can bring healing and balance on the cellular level.

8) Arcturian Timescape Techniques-We will also be working with the Arcturians to be able to flow and change the timescape. These techniques include communicating and transferring information into the past and the future. This allows for healing of past and future times of ourselves and well as working independently on past and future events.

9) The Arcturian Time Initiation-the entire fourteen 50 minute transmissions impart the Arcturian Time Initiation. This facilitates a direct experience of time as fluid and ultimately an illusion from the point of view of our Divine Self. This is also a healing frequency that can be used to help others experience the fluid and illusory nature of time.

The training will include didactic discussions on these topics, sharing of experiences, partner exchanges to utilize the healing frequencies, and meditations as part of the transmissions.

The class is available on-line. The workbook and Zoom information will be available on the Teachable platform webpage after you register. All participants will have access to view the video recordings of the class for two years on the Teachable webpage.

Requirements; Arcturian Healing Method Level 9

Cost: $1500

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