Celestial Galactics Attunements: Divine Patterns

18 and 19 September 7 AM PT/10 AM ET/3 PM GMT to 3 PM PT/6 PM ET/11 PM GMT

In this training you will be attuned to channel the energy, frequencies, and consciousness of the Celestial Galactics. The Celestial Galactics are a group of Higher Galactic Beings existing in the Inner Planes that were contacted by Gene Ang and a retreat group while in Crestone for a retreat in 2023. The purpose of the Celestial Galactic Attunements is to allow participants to channel four divine patterns to help rewire themselves and others to hold more Light and achieve a greater level of Stillness. This Stillness then allows for a depth of experience of your inner wisdom and everlasting nature as a form of consciousness.

The process of the training will include four 45 minute attunements spread over two days. Each attunement allows participants to go into a deeper resonance with the consciousness and frequencies of the Celestial Galactics and also allow for an imprinting of the Divine Pattern which can then be done for others. The four Divine Patterns are described below:

Divine Pattern 01-The Divine Portal and the Golden Triangle-In this pattern we will emphasize the Alta Major Chakra at the back of the neck and its relationship to the Divine Golden Triangle at the head. This Divine Golden Triangle at the Head opens up the Antahkarana and higher levels of clairvoyance and sensing. The Alta Major Chakra is the main portal in which the Celestial Galactics can transform a person's seven subtle bodies with new information.

Divine Pattern 02-Rewiring the Heart-here we download the pattern to make the back heart chakra a portal for initiation energies and frequencies. With this pattern, Higher Beings and Guides as well as the Celestial Galactics will be able to empower a person through now both the back of the head and the back of the heart. In addition, the hand chakras and channels in the arms will be open and connected to the heart center.

Divine Pattern 03-Cosmic Shields-here we strengthen the overall grids of the body and connect them both galactically and cosmically. We further strengthen the lower chakras and connect the overall central channel at the navel, heart, and head centers to the three energy shields of the body.

Divine Pattern 04-Power Bridge and Kundalini Highway-In this final pattern, we bring everything together and connect the 12 Inner Lotus Petals of the Crown with the 12 Lotus Petals of the Heart. We further connect the Golden Triangle at the head started in the Divine Pattern 01 with the heart center and the lower centers in the body that ignite the kundalini energies.

If you have done the Celestial Galactic Upgrade 01-05, this will be a chance to deepen that process and do these patterns for others. Also with these Celestial Galactic Attunements, you can perform healing sessions for others for various intentions with the assistance of the Celestial Galactics and their consciousness and frequencies.

The class will be held on-line. The Zoom information will be available on the Teachable platform webpage after you register. All participants will have access to view the video recordings of the class for two years on the Teachable webpage.

Cost: $350

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